On set of The Possessed

Christopher Saint and Philip Adrian Booth

After all the work was done we had some time for a couple of photographs.

MSPI, Paranormal Task Force, and Keith Age on location for the filming of "The Possessed"

Christopher Saint Booth, Keith Age, and Greg Meyers during filming on location for "The Possessed.

LGHS Convention 2007

John Zaffis with Jamie and Loretta of MSPI

Keith Age of LGHS with Loretta of MSPI

Troy Taylor and Jamie of MSPI at the LGHS Paranormal Convention hosted by Keith Age.

Jamie and Loretta of MSPI with Greg Meyers of Paranormal Task Force.  All good friends!

Rosemary Ellen Guiley with Loretta and Jamie

Ghost Hunters at UMSL in St Louis 2008

Grant during the Q & A session

Jason on his way to seek more questions.

Jason and Grant during their presentation.

Jason Hawes, Lead Investigator for TAPS

Grant Wilson, Lead Investigator for TAPS

TAPS -- The Atlantic Paranormal Society--