Electromagnetic Field Tester

The Cell Sensor is used for EMF (Electromagnetic Field) measurements.  We use it to detect unexplained magnetic fields which we attribute to the presence of ghosts and spirits, and at times used for spirit communication.

4 Camera DVR System

Our Swann System is used to capture evidence that we may or may not be able to see.  This equipment allows us to constantly monitor the situation in four separate locations while we continue to investigate.  These cameras can see at 0 lux for 60 feet.

Digital Voice Recorders

We use several digital voice recorders to attempt to collect an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), disembodied voices.  These recordings are put through a program to analyze.  The only altering of the original is slowed or reversed.

Digital Cameras

We use several different types of digital cameras.  These are also used to capture evidence that the naked eye may or may not see.  At this time we do not use 35mm cameras due to the expense.  All of our pictures are stamped for validation purposes and are not altered in any way.

Digital Camcorders

Camcorders allow us to do several things. We use them to document our investigation and to capture evidence.  We can carry them or place them on a tripod for use in particular room.  All documentation of a paranormal event is crucial.  These camcorders can do two things at once, record sound and picture.


We prefer the infrared non-contact thermometers.  They can show us a variance in temperature and show us cold spots and hot spots.  These spots have been attributed to the presence of spirits.  They draw energy from the air causing it to become colder.  This usually happens before a manifestation.

There is a long list of equipment that can be used.  Those listed above are what MSPI has available at this time.  We are always adding equipment to better our ability to help the client.  As these come available they will be posted.  Thank You.