About Our Members

Loretta Coffman

Co-Founder & Researcher for MSPI

A wife, mother of four, pediatric field nurse, and an investigator of the paranormal, she wears many hats. She is a caring and devoted type eager to help all those in need.  She is dedicated to finding the answers to your questions concerning the paranormal. Beginning with her father, searching out answers in abandoned buildings and graveyards spiked her interest.  Many experiences of past life episodes and de ja' vues have always intrigued her.  Let her help you through your personal journey with the paranormal.


Krista Tweedy

Director for MSPI

Krista has been interested in the paranormal for years.  Seeking answers to her own questions and wanting to help others has led her to MSPI.  She is eager to get started and MSPI is glad to have her aboard.  Her experience with owning and operating a business has given her the skills to market and network for MSPI.  Krista is also the Communications Director, handling the interview process and briefing the lead investigators.   Let her make the process of asking for help easier.


MSPI is always looking for honest and eager individuals that are looking to join a paranormal investigation team.  We are trying to fill the following positions.

*Photo Analyst
*Tech Specialist
*Case Manager
*and more

If you believe that you could help others in these specific areas please contact one of our founders.  Refer to the contact page or click here.  Thank you for your interest.